Companies that Jim Ziegler Recommends. These Companies Sponsorship Makes This High Quality Free Training Available for Automotive Professionals. Please Take a Few Minutes and Take a Look at Our Sponsors.

For years Jim Ziegler has had a business relationship with these reputable vendors that sponsor Jim’s events and projects. There Isn’t Enough Money in the World to Sponsor Jim Ziegler’s Work If These Companies Weren’t Among the Very Best at What They Offer.

Newly Added Training Sessions

These are New Sessions Added Recently. They will also appear in the correct categories.

The Dawg Pound

THE DAWG POUND …. a weekly show broadcast on Jim Ziegler’s personal Facebook Page every Tuesday at 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight time. https://www.Facebook.com/JamesAZiegler

Jim Ziegler, the Alpha Dawg, and automotive top expert friends plan World Domination. Please do Not confuse this show with “The View”, although the participants might seem a little “Off the Wall”, we assure you the Chaotic Format is Strategic Audacity. If our content or views are offensive to you, please let us know, it’s supposed to be that way. Ziegler is joined most weeks by regular members of his personal Posse, including Jennifer Briggs (Diva and automotive expert) Dave O’Brien (from Quantum5 consultants), Bobbie Herron (Queen of all things BDC) Max Zanan (the Mad Russian) and Elise Kephart (Video communicator, the YouTube Diva) and Patrick O’Brien (Highline Used car expert). Tell me what you think of the show, #AlphaDawg

Good friends, informative and lots of fun… this is the Dawg pound. #AlphaDawg


Business Development Center Training From Jim Ziegler and Top National Experts

Jim Ziegler Interviews top nationally acclaimed experts on telephone skills, appointment setting, BDC Management, lead handling, and how to operate a world-class call center. All things Digital, adding new training videos weekly.

Jim Ziegler's Complete Samurai F&I School

Filmed in Front of a Live Audience of 25 People, The Best F&I Training Anywhere

Indianapolis, 2015, Jim Performs his famous “Samurai F&I Seminar” The Word Tracks, The Closes, The Customer Interviews, How to Work The Lenders, Objection-Handling, Delivering the Car, and Contracting; Ziegler’s Best Stuff.

Sales Training 2005 Jim's Live Audience (Old School)

Filmed in Front of a Live Audience of 200 Dealers, Car Sales and Management People in 2005.

This was the Dynamic Road to Sales & Success Conference. Jim Ziegler at His Very Best. Jim’s Old School Training. Surprisingly, you’ll find these techniques and word tracks, and closes are still relevant.

The “Road to the Sale” Didn’t Die, We’ve just added The Internet and Technology to the Process.

No matter if You are a Negotiating Dealer or a No-Haggle One-Price Dealership, There is still Great Value Here.

In addition to his more modern sales training offered in the Sales Training Modules on this platform, These sessions will give sales People a Really Great Foundation.


F&I Boot Camp Conference With Top Dealership Management in attendance. Filmed 2019 at Imperial Press Classrooms in Tampa With 30 Executive Managers in the Audience.

General Managers, Dealer Principals and F&I Directors in the Audience; Jim Performs Key Parts of the Samurai F&I Seminar.

Dealers and General Managers, 5 Killer Strategies to Crush the Competition

This is Ziegler in “Free-Flow” Stream of Consciousness Speaking at Internet Battle Plan Conference.

When Jim Ziegler Throws Away The Notes, and Goes “Free Form” Off the Top Of His Head Rants, There’s Nobody like Him. Jim’s Been the Keynote Opening Speaker for 98 State Dealer Conventions, 14 NADA Convention Workshops, 5 Digital Dealer Conferences, and Multiple other Car Business Keynotes.

This was the Last Public Presentation Jim Performed. Less Than a Week Later He was Diagnosed With Advanced Esophageal Cancer. He Was Concerned That His Weight Was Getting out of Control and Couldn’t Figure Out Why. Two Extensive Surgeries later, Plus a Near-Death Chemotherapy Overdose, The Alpha Dawg Faced Death Three Times and Spit in His Face. Today the Dawg is Back and Cancer-Free.

When Asked About it, Jim Said, “I Don’t Know If I Am Immortal or Not. I’ve Haven’t Got there Yet.”


Always the top salesman with any dealership he worked for before coming a manager, Jim Ziegler shares a timeless mindset and work ethic.

These sessions are rich with Closes, Word Tracts and Techniques. Ziegler says “Selling a Car Must Be a Win-Win Experience for the Sales Professional and The Customer.”

Customer-Friendly and Ethical, The Dawg walks the walk and talks the talk. “Car Sales is All About the Professional; It is Persuasion and Finesse.
This Section Will Greatly Improve Your Sales.


This Section is all about processes, word tracts and ‘Custom Closes’

Being a “Sales Manager” includes a lot more than just being a “Desk Manager”. It is a position of Dignity, Authority and Respect.

Jim Ziegler, has Mentored and Guided many Sales Managers. Being a great ‘Desk Manager’ is only a small part of the total package “Sales Manager”

The Alpha Dawg teaches Managers “How to be a Manager”.


As a Record-Setting F&I Director and Consultant/Trainer to 100s of Dealerships, Jim Ziegler, The Alpha Dawg, Shares Insights, Culture, Techniques, Closes, and Management Tips For F&I Management.

Customer-Friendly, In these Sessions, Jim Breaks Down “How to Present The Menu”. Regardless of Whether You’re Using a Paper Menu, A Tablet, or any Technology-Based Menu, Ziegler’s Presentation, Word Tracts and Flow are Unique to Jim Ziegler and Powerful Persuasive Closes. Regardless of Your experience level, These sessions Will Improve Your Numbers.


These sessions are for Dealership Executive Managers and Dealer Principals. Jim, along with other relevant experts will present new ideas, executive management processes, and new technology solutions from reputable vendors.


These Sessions Will Benefit Sales Professionals As Well As Sales Managers.

These Sessions are for Sales Professionals as Well as for the Managers in the Sales Department. There’s some really great closes and word tracts here. PLUS, Jim Interviews and Visits with Some of the Top Sales and Management Professionals in Our Industry.